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Lolol that offended post parade is dumbfoundedly funny. Someone could turn my little message to you to 'disrecpectful towards the rights of freedom of speech which reflected how our society still belittling minorities' voices and stance in this world' . Dang, people need more picnic really.

Tbh I think that freedom of speech is the most wrongly interpreted term ever. Like people think that this means that everything they’ve say matters, true and need to be taken into consideration.

And it’s not)

While ppl will understand this they will be okay.

I’m watching Show Me The Money and I would never say that there is something similar between Masta Wu and Tablo. Their walk is so different even, Tablo is all fluid and Yodaish, while Masta is full of angles and broken stride.

 But the way they talk, both calm and slow. is similar.

I’m really bad with talent shows but I will try to watch this for them



Now that’s what I call justice 


All this is gold.

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— What’s your trouble?

— I can’t stand seeing people killed

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There can’t help but be a difference from what you see from the outside, looking in. In the end, this place (YG), too, deals with mainstream music and deals with the general public. To compare, I’m the gambler, but I’m not the one who actually decides how to bet. I make the moves, but it’s the company that looks at those moves and makes the bet. And as the company continues to grow in scale, its musical colors have become more varied. Sometimes, it’s still hard to believe a group like Akdong Musician is in our company. Anyway, now that the album is out, the thought that comes to mind is that, maybe, this method suits me. There may be a difference in my level of satisfaction, but I didn’t do anything I didn’t want to do.

- Taeyang (GQ Magazine Interview [July])

bigbang at number one for fave song from 2007 - 2014

This is actually so cool

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Occupy Kiev / War

Turkish photographer Barbaros Kayan has captured raw photos of Ukranian people fighting for their freedom in Maidan.

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going through videos from GDYB in Paris disk and they’ve used a lot of BB instrumentals as background. Surprisingly, but I think I’ve heard TOPs Oh Mom. Sometimes I get the feeling that their GD&TOP volume was imaginary sans like High High and Knock Out tracks.

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I think I need to watch this for his handsome face and deep voice

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This is very recent Lee Hi performance.

She is amazing, got 100x amount of confidence somewhere and rules the crowd like little babies.