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I don't normally swear but Russia is being such a Bitch, a deadly, fucking Bitch.

Some people from there, not the whole country, but I’m getting the feeling

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I’m listening to UNSC meeting. There are three position

1. Russia needs to stop supporting separatists

2. This is not a political matter, we just need to find who is at fault.

3. (Russia only) No talks about the plane, only about how Ukraine should stop their ATO (they call it punitive operation) and says some imaginative things about Ukraine soldiers shooting civilians.

To be honest I was close to puking when I’ve listened Russia’s representative. Like. Honest physical feeling of puking right here

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[LIVE] Security Council: Ukraine

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I've always enjoyed your YG and Top posts; I meant to send you a message last year but chickened out. I just wanted to say that I hope you and yours are doing well, and I hope that things are better for all of us soon, and thank you for talking about what's going around you.

Thank you for writing. I hope for good, too, even when things look shitty.

I’m glad that you are reading about what I see. Sometimes I hope to inform people carefully, because I was clueless myself when things were bad in other countries and sometimes you just want others to know, too

And I have people to write me that year, now you cheer me up. There are always good people

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//this is awful but this ATO operation are going for months now and we were constantly asked to lay down the weapon and talk to so called People’s republics, and our soldiers were dying there in numbers but the world community was like “you need to talk this out” and now people count, how many of the passengers were from which country to predict, whether the said country will act or no. like. I don’t understand this. How many people need to die//

Ukraine’s airspace as of now

Ukraine’s airspace as of now… they have a statement by Igor Girkin confirming responsibility

he claimed it for Ukraine supply ship. now that he knows they fucked up he will be backing on super speed.

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Separatist forces claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack; the ATO will likely ramp up in the days and hours to come. I have no doubt that they will be brought to justice, the entire lot of them.

They were bragging that they’ve shot down Ukrainian ship just after crush, yes. But I don’t think they’ve official claimed they’ve taken the Malaysian ship down. Already all the bragging are being erased, people screenshot shit at rapid speed.

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For my Malaysian followers

I am deeply sorry for your loss. I am deeply sorry somebody else got caught in the conflict, terrorising our country for the last 9 month.

The plane crashed over rebel controlled territory, where Ukraine already lost 2 supply planes before and where the airspace was closed up 7900 and Malaysian ship was higher but they’ve still got them.

I am sorry. I hope whomever is responsible will be punished and I hope the world won’t be confused about who did this and with whose support.

I hope no one will die there anymore.


I felt relieved that you are the baby’s father, so I sincerely wanted to follow you. That’s why I married you.

Sigh. Jang Nara winning all my heart again (I almost forgot I began watching ‘School’ because of her.)

I’m watching this, and although I’m in a weird calmless state when I skip too much, I really like the main cast (liked the main actor in Thank You before, although my hate for long hair didn’t spare him)) and the lady is good

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