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honestly dirty vibe suits more in top's voice. I don't think top rejected (If skrill ever asked him). I think it's YG decision. He wanna cl and gd get more fame internationally. sorry bad Eng

Or maybe they’ve needed male AND female voice on the track. We don’t know a lot.)

Tbh I don’t like to speculate about “YG decision”. People demonize him a lot.

Especially it’s funny from VIPs. Because BB was like the biggest shift of a focus for the company.

Life continues, though. Fashion Days will still be conducted and I will still work on them.

I want to share this and then I’ll probably stop talking about this because I am tired, to be honest.

I live in Ukraine. I was born on its territory, too, but when USSR was existing. In 1991 I’ve became Ukrainian citizen.

I have no patriotic feelings and I rather will mention that I have Georgian roots but this is still my country. Which I live in.

On this Sunday in our Autonomous Republic of Crimea was conducted referendum. It was done extremely fast, not exactly legally, with almost no watchers, with tons of Russian military personnels on the peninsula and in situation of extreme propaganda. By this referendum people ~voted~ that they want to become part of Russia and yesterday Russia agreed

Now nothing is understandable. Crimea is extremely related to Ukraine in its  resources (water, gas, electricity). A lot of Crimean kids are studying in Ukrainian unis for free. There are Ukrainian military bases in Crimea that are suddenly “Russian” now by this referendum and are being attacked (yesterday one person was killed).

I know a lot of Russians are happy. They’ve thought Crimea is their territory since forever.

But as of now, this country, who still calls itself “brother nation” stole 5% of our territory. And is happy about this.

That’s all.

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do you like yg rookie rapper jennie kim?

I rarely like female rappers and as of now i have no opinions on jenni kim. she still haven’t done anything proper to have an opinion, imo.

in yg lee hi is my favourite lady

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hi toma! when i saw top's new pictorial photos, i totally thought of you. it's like a collection of the back of his head and ears that you like so much haha.

Aw, thank you)) I’ve just watched the video and was like. awed. with all the strings touched.

idk. i may be distant, but sometimes i look at seunghyun, and think “what a gorgeous man he is, with weird heavy steps”.

we lost Crimea

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Imma pretty and blurish

Imma pretty and blurish


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[On CEO Yang Hyun Suk] Sometimes he calls me and asks what I’m doing, though he knew at that time very well that I was doing a drama. He encourages me and gives me power.

- Yoo In Na (140313 Daily Sports Interview)

Not better.

More dead.