mix13:  a ygfamily rappers mix [listen]

This is good. Missed Perry, tho) But still good. Thank you.

I want to ask

whoever follows me remembers me as a person (because I was more as a person before) or not?

Don’t hold the knife in your left hand.
Don’t put your elbows on the table.
Fold your napkin properly.
That’s the beginning.

Tell me the square root of three thousand three hundred and thirteen.
Where is Tanganyika? What year was Cervantes born?
I’ll give you an F if you talk to your classmate.
That’s how it carries on.

Do you think it’s right that an engineer should write poetry?
Culture is an ornament; business is business.
If you stay with that girl you’re not welcome in our house.
That’s living.

Don’t be so crazy. Best behaviour. Stand up straight.
Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t cough. Don’t breathe.
Yes, don’t breathe! Say no to every ‘no’
And relax: die.

- Autobiography by Gabriel Celaya

Everyone thinks that when you go to a hospital life stops. But it’s just the opposite, life starts.

Yesterday I’ve watched the first episode of this TV series and then I moved to original, originally from Catalan, and swallowed 3 episodes in a row. This is the best thing I’ve seen lately. I want you to try it

This melody makes me sad and shaken every time.
Firefly overall has a list of moments I rewatch when I’m emotionally in a bad place


how to be lee seunghoon i mean that boy literally was an average yg fanboy like thousands of others but decided he would get into yg or die trying, he moved to seoul into a house near yg building, he went through a talent show, he got into yg, he went through win survival and look at him now in the newest yg boy group holding their first fucking trophy so proudly 

I look at winner not so much, mostly by accident, but weirdly (somehow) when I lookd their debut stage and I looked at this guy, and at his behaviour on stage/during the end segment and during winning segment, I thought “This guy is the most YG person I’ve seen since G-Dragon” and I don’t know what this means, actually

I’ve just watched Doctor Who and. It was weird, but I was ashamed. When he was talking to Clara, I think I had the same feelings as her, and like he was scolding/asking her for help and I was ashamed, too, with her.

She did good but I’m not so sure about myself

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A Ukrainian soldier talks with children in the small eastern city of Popasna, Lugansk region, recently freed by Ukrainian forces from pro-Russia militants