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What are you regretting? where do you think it is heading?

Despite working in a field that I’ve studied sometimes I think that I’ve chosen rather wrong. I work in advertising, while a lot of my friends chose IT and our salaries aren’t growing in the same way (advertising overall is not that profitable, tbh, for those who aren’t big bosses or smthing) and I’m starting to think that I won’t earn enough

Which feels weird because I’m that girl that was considered very very smart.

I’m having regrets about the way my life is heading

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Are you ok?

Yeah. I’m far from anti-terrorist operation’s territory


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I'm not sure if I was unclear, in trying to keep to the word limit I might have given you a false impression. You are aware that TOP's fan groups in Korea are reporting any site/blog that are sharing TOP's screencaps and their excuse is that its disrespecting him and its copyright infringement etc. Now I don't care where his man tit are on show, I think he looks like ET personally, but its an example of the overzealous protectiveness TOP fans have over him.

No, I’m not aware. And I find this funny, bcs the movie was shown in Korea and only a fan would be obsessed enough to take a photo of his naked torso and post it on the internet, so basically they are reporting themselves.

(also copyright infringement, my ass. every fansite violates tons of copyrights and probably some human rights, too)

ET. Aw, bless you.

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I'm not keen on the whooping fans have been over his movies, or him as a man (like this who disrespectful thing over sceenshots of his body). I don't even need to go into it, your a smart woman. I will say, perhaps TOP's chemistry with these directors/actors since John Lee has not been bringing out his potential. He's probably doing more learning on set than in the classroom. There might be some personal reason, some demon on his shoulder that's part to do with his stagnant development but ...

And I want to answer this. Idk why you see something disrespectful about people admiring his topless view. He agreed to it. It’s not a paparazzi shot. And it’s filmed prettily, he is make-uped and airbrushed and toned for this and I do think it’s nice to admire it. Like we don’t need to be prude and protect his virtue. He is a grown man who, i think, knows that his fanbase are ladies and huge persent of it just thinks he is handsome

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..pointing the lack of development is not getting at him personally. He is doing a job, no one else (normally) has people making excuses for them. People /try/ all the time and have their work thrown back at them until its good enough for what is desired. With acting it passes the production teams standards but they work so closely with something they might not see things that an audience will. he needs people to be critical of him since he seems genuine about acting.

I think in kpop fandom espessially ppl equal critisism with hate, hence the hyped protection which usually isn’t needed. I don’t think they aren’t “noticing” the level due to closeness. They just assume it’s enough, because ppl will see the movie for him. He needs critical view and diverse roles to grow

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...He is a grown man, he made the choice and will live with the consequences. I think one thing with into the fire was he matched the protagonist on a spiritual level whereas these new movies he is trying to go someone he might not sympathies with and is 'acting' more than 'being' (sorry for the hippy phrasing, but you know when an actor has reached that spiritual understanding of their character and living them rather than just going through the motions of a scene and thinking about it....

Yeah, that’s what I’ve thought after some time with Into The Fire and his interviews. Like he played almost himself, so he actually didn’t play? He just. Was. Or at least he put himself in the state when he didn’t need to play: with all the loneliness and tiredness of production. Then he sort of chose similar profile but they didn’t clicked.

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you can't and should not compare the commitment with friends 2, which had a whole league of hallyu actors. just like into the fire. but you are forgetting something , in all of the movie he has act top has been the lead character, supporting the movie. Also the commitment was just a bad choice, the editing and storyline all it did was to pull tabi down, even thou the movie did not flop as it got over 1 million. which is considered in korea not a flop. and i'm saying you always use the same words

I wrote in friends 2 because they were in the same time and bcs I haven’t seen a single good review on it.

have you ever thought that YG just don’t agree on proposals where he is not in the main role? bcs this could be the case.

I use the same words because I have one problem with his acting. His face stays the same. In Into the Fire that was the main thing, he pulled everything with the eyes and that’s how the role went. In Commitments that was not enough, and he still played only with this. He is not Christopher Walken, who is picked on weird roles and can play with frozen face. He is a lead character who should express feelings.

Honestly I don’t know where this goes. Like you think he did good I think he did bad. Maybe Tazza will change this.

I’m not supposed to love everything he does. I love every song he did, he haven’t done shit with them to me. But movies are different.

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you always comment the same about top's acting, there's a reason why directors are casting him and trust his acting, if not they would not offer him lead roles. It's not just for his pretty face or the fans for that they can get him a secondary role. He did improve in the commitment , i admit he was not like an awesome actor but he did good for the little time he has been acting. For this movie he has gotten much far and he will keep on improving. HE HAS MOVE FORWARD AS AN ACTOR.

But it is normal to comment in same way? Opinions are formed on works. He did 3 theatre movies.

Before Into The Fire I didn’t know him. After it and before Commitment I’ve constantly praised him and was spazzing over every little thing. After Commitment my opinion went down and stayed there. I haven’t seen Tazza.

I’m not the person to tell you what are the other reasons to cast people in lead roles.

(also box office for Commitment was really bad: ~6 times smaller than for Into The Fire and ~3 times smaller than Friends 2, that was in theatres around the time Commitment was. But we are not talking numbers, apparently)